Slide Atlas

   Adenomatous hyperplasia

Honeycomb sheet

Variable cellularity (cellular or scant)

Regular nuclear size

Monotonous nuclei

   Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

Chronic lymphoid thyroiditis

Autoimmune thyroiditis

Mainly in women, 35~55years of age

Autoimmune origin

Symmetric  firm enlargement

Lymphatic cells with Hürthle cells (Askanazy cells)

   Hürthle cells

Abundant cytoplasm

Thick cytoplasm with eosinophilic granules

Eccentric nuclei

   Follicular neoplastic carcinoma


Enlarged nuclei

Overlaping nuclei

Numerous follicular cells

   Papillary carcinoma

True papillae, intranuclear groove

Intranuclear pseudoinculsion

Papillary fronds

Non-encapsulated tumor

Invasion of veins is absent

Cervical lymphnode metastasis