WisePrep PAP Stainer

The dipping type stainer (WisePrep PAP Stainer) offers the unique ability to process slide staining. 

The WisePrep PAP Stainer slide stainer delivers multiple staining protocols in a true random-access mode. The easy-to-use control panel enables settings to be customized to meet your specific staining protocols. At the end of the staining routine the slides remain immersed in the final trough until removed by the operator.

  • WisePrep PAP Stainer
Dipping Type Automated Stainer
Available multiple staining protocols in a true random-access mode
Easy-to-use control panel
Easy customized your specific staining protocols

Model: WisePrep PAP Stainer
Throughput: 200 Samples/Hour
Dimension: 1,010 X 850 X 850(h)mm
Capacity: 80 Slides / 2 Slide Rack
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