CSS 200T

The bench type stainer (CSS-200T) offers the unique ability to process TB, Gram, Wright staining. Tower type loader robot yields fast and reliable stain results. Also, XYZ and T-axis guided robot system delivers high efficiency. The easy-to-use control panel enables settings to be customized to meet your specific staining protocols. Supports tilting system and drying chamber are installed.




  • CSS 200T
Bench type strainer
High efficiency with X-, Y-, Z-, T-axis guided robot system
Tower type loader robot yields fast/reliable stain
Supports tilting system
Drying chamber is installed
Application : T.B , Gram, Wright Stain
Model: CSS-200T
Throughput: 96 Samples/hour
Dimension: 770 X 750 X 860(h)mm
Capacity: 48 Slides / 4 Slide Cassette
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