WisePrep Combi H&E

WisePrep Combi H&E is an unique system which integrates baking, de-waxing, staining and coverslipping. WisePrep Combi H&E has 600 slides capacity for histologic application. After staining slide racks are sent to storage station automatically. Bar code system helps for large quantity of sample. It supports overnight process.

  • WisePrep Combi H&E
Baking, De-waxing,Staining, Coverslipping, Overnight process are supported
After staining slide racks are sent to storage station automatically
Various communication port helps remote diagnosis and control
Bar code system for large quantity of sample and Realtime sample tracking system
Emergency sample priority mode(Loading/Unloading)
Displays block for each patient on screen
Auto supply/waste of reagent system in staining bath

Model : WisePrep Combi H&E
Capacity of 600 slides histologic slides
Dimension: 2320 X 1460 X 900(h)mm
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